Each week, we offer our customers a variety of sales both frozen and fresh. We'll either introduce limited products at great prices or simply lower the price of a regular item. In either case, our weekly sales are a fantastic way to save while shopping. Please check our facebook page at www.facebook.com/christiancornermeats and like our page for our weekly specials!!

FRUIT is here. Here’s the deal. All gallon or #10 can are $4.00. Applesauce is unsweetened. Pineapple is in its own juice, peach halves and sliced peaches are in light syrup. Pears are in light syrup. Delmonte mixed fruit in lite syrup . Got in kernel corn, mixed vegetables and spaghetti sauce in addition to all other vegetables. Please share this page for me. Hope this to bless. It won’t be if they don’t sell so Help. Thank you for supporting our small business.

Christian Corner Meats

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